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With platinum cured silicone and high-end design masterclass, these sex dolls will certainly revolutionize your sex life

With platinum cured silicone and high-end design masterclass, these sex dolls will certainly revolutionize your sex life

The sex dolls in this category are the best that money can https://hookupdate.net/escort-index/garland/ buy. They are made of the purest kind of silicone; platinum cured and are handcrafted by the best designers in the industry. From the eyelashes and fingernails to the breasts and butt, everything is meticulously hand made to ensure that the final product is super realistic. The vagina, ass hole, and mouth are also well crafted to give you the impression that you’re having sex with the woman of your dreams.

Curing silicone prevents oil from oozing out of the material over time so that your sex doll remains as flawless as when you first had it. Moreover, the skeletons and joints used here are sturdy and super responsive. They can hold up to challenging positions better and the joint stiffness will last longer.

There are also TPE dolls with realistic silicone heads and even implanted hair instead of wigs. There are many premium and realistic features like a mouth with uvula that might have an extra cost but that are totally worth it for an enhanced experience and realism.

· Unboxing

Once the sex doll is delivered, carefully place it on a flat surface and unwrap it slowly. If you’re cutting the wrapping with a sharp object, do it carefully to avoid tearing the sex doll material.

Make sure the doll is in good shape. Sex dolls are delicate and require proper care. If your sex doll is missing some parts or is damaged, contact the seller as soon as possible. Most sellers don’t accept liability once the doll has been used.

· Getting Ready

After unboxing make sure to understand how the doll can be moved, where the joints are, how to attach the head, etc. Prepare the ambiance, especially if it’s your first time to ensure that the experience is special. Gentlemen, light some candles, put on a lovemaking playlist, dress her in a sexy outfit, and make the best out of the night. And hey, before you get down to the business, you can use a sleeve warmer to warm the sex doll if you want. You can also wrap her with a warm blanket for 15 minutes to get things started and ensure that your girlfriend is at the right tempo. Electric blankets aren’t recommended since too much heat in TPE models could deform some body parts, be careful with that.

Once everything is ready, roll out your favorite lube and oil up. Pour an appropriate amount on your sex doll’s orifice as well as on your penis. Slide in her and let your hands do the talking; fondle her passionately and enjoy the sight of wobbling breasts and butt.

Note; When warming your sex doll, avoid wrapping it in the blanket for longer than recommended as this might damage the material. Also, confirm with your brand whether it’s advisable to warm your sex doll. Also, only use water-based lubes as silicone and oil-based lubes will damage the sex doll material over time.

The Sex Positions

Depending on the type of sex doll you have, there are a lot of sex positions that you can enjoy. And just like it’s the case with women, make use of pillows, the couch, the bed, and other amenities in the house. Some of the best sex positions to try with your sex doll include;

· Doggy Style

This position hits different when your sex doll has an incredibly life-like butt. Doggy style gives you quick access to the orifices as you enjoy a 360-degree view of the experience. You can enjoy the site of a wobbling butt and breasts and the unique feeling of them clapping just before you.


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