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Carry out i must transform my migrated data source to utilize interactions rather than joins?

Carry out i must transform my migrated data source to utilize interactions rather than joins?

As soon as you open up a pre-2020.2 workbook or data source in a 2020.2 version of Tableau, your computer data provider can look as a single logical table during the canvas using the term “Migrated Data”. Possible rename the Migrated facts table.

Their original, denormalized information was at first created from just one or even more dining tables using joins and unions. When you opened the information supply in Tableau 2020.2, Tableau migrates the denormalized facts design to one reasonable table in latest data model to ensure that your computer data and workbooks were moved without improvement.

To see the physical tables that comprise the solitary reasonable table, double-click that rational table to start it in the actual coating. You will observe their fundamental real dining tables, like joins and unions.

When you have current multi-table information supply explained using physical covering joins, they will still work as they did prior to. You don’t need to replace your databases. Possible associate rational tables towards migrated table, however can not downgrade reasonable dining tables.

You might see switching your repository to utilize connections versus joins if you wish to increase the amount of dining tables your facts unit. This will need you to eliminate dining tables from the actual level, immediately after which put these to the rational level.

Am I able to make use of a repository on Tableau host or Tableau Online (version 2020.2 or afterwards) in a past version of Tableau pc (version 2020.1 or earlier in the day)?

If you try to open up a printed databases or posted workbook from Tableau host or Tableau using the internet type 2020.2 or later on in a past form of Tableau pc, any reasonable dining tables which were pertaining to the source desk inside databases is got rid of. Just the root table (one dining table included with that data source model) will continue to be.

  • Tableau showcases a warning the data source is actually from a more recent form of Tableau that is not suitable for the last type.
  • In the repository web page, precisely the underlying desk will stay from inside the databases.
  • During the information pane in a Tableau Desktop worksheet, Tableau shows mistakes (red exclamation things) alongside affected areas that are not a portion of the root dining table.
  • Tableau showcases an alert that the repository is from a newer form of Tableau that isn’t appropriate for the earlier type.
  • Into the information pane in a Tableau pc worksheet, Tableau shows an error (reddish exclamation point) next to the chosen data source and a message your connection should be updated. Mouse click program Details for additional information regarding the error.

Can posted data options end up being linked to both?

You cannot link printed data options to one another. You could change and look at the information unit for a published repository.

How do components utilize relevant rational dining tables?

Plant data is now stored considering reasonable dining tables (replaces the individual dining table solution) or actual tables (replaces the numerous Tables solution). To learn more, read build an extract.

Easily want to downgrade from 2020.2 to a past type, what the results are how does flirtwith work to relationships between rational tables?

Should you decide downgrade a 2020.2 workbook to an earlier version of Tableau, any logical dining tables that have been connected with the main dining table inside product is going to be taken off the information provider. Precisely the underlying dining table (the very first dining table included with that unit) will continue to be.

All sheets for the workbook put areas from sensible dining tables (non-root) be invalid, because their particular tables and industries happen taken off the information design.


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