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I am sure the lawyers got paid in cash

I am sure the lawyers got paid in cash

“Hi my name is Cheryl I’m returning your voicemail left my message or you with regard to the American web class action and the status of checks distribution is anticipated to begin in about two weeks on a rolling basis via email at this time we do not have a specific… This will be done in groups on a rolling basis it will not be based on state or your last name any of that it will be the computer and when your claim is pulled from the computers r if you have any other questions please visit the website or call and call back mid to late to 5 PM central standard time and our call back number is 877-868-6825 thank you…”

No, but the known class member portal is back up. Which I found weird because they said it was shut down to start the payments.

No but I received my rent bill and my Lord lol I have until Tuesday to pay it or I’m homeless

Did anyone get any thing from them gift card or otherwise if so what’s the email address it’s coming from

Guys I’m really infuriated about this bullshit I have 359 dollars coming to me as a form of a gift bullshit how would they like to get paid by gift card I think there all full of shit we paid money for the frigging loan we expect money in return not some crummy gift card wish someone could get some legal advice I’m thinking this is some illegal bullshit there doing

Should they be turned in? Even on site it’s cash payment and digital can be PayPal or Venmo etc if u choose. I’ve never ever seen a settlement administrator send target gift cards wth

Maybe we can contact the courts a d tell them the breach of contract I don’t remember reading we would get paid via gift card

So they send us a stupid digital payment to your email choose a gift card of our choice then what 6 to 12 months for us to receive them

I believe they are intentionally trying to make it as difficult as possible. Digital payments are frustrating to say the least! I would prefer a cash payment. Not money to spend at Amazon!

I don’t want a digital payment unless it’s in the form of a check. I paid them money and I should be paid money back. Why would a law firm agree to those terms. Something doesn’t sound right

Just got off the phone with a rep and she said that they have hundreds of thousands emails that they have to do and thats why it’s taking so long…. and was told not to call back until the end of the month or if I get the email and have questions….

I was told yesterday that the first “few thousand” went out yesterday

I’ve tried to call 3 times today. Each time they now say no representatives are available, please leave a message.

If by end of OCTOBER haven’t gotten the email then to contact them

This whole process is increasingly looking bad to me. Today is September 30 to my knowledge no payments have been made the administrators are unreachable.

I emailed them 2 days ago and received a response stating that digital payment instructions would be sent by the end of this month. Also, it said that the digital payment instructions will prompt us to get the payment via a gift card to Amazon, target and listed other retail companies or as a digital MasterCard. It didn’t mention that the money would be sent to checking accounts.


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