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It’s not excluded that among those 100 million, some are actually alive and sexually active

It’s not excluded that among those 100 million, some are actually alive and sexually active

The option to stay in the freemium package is kind of legit. However, it’s like you’ve decided to stay in a state of continuous buzzing notifications and e-mail spams pushing you to check the latest nude photo of a cam model intending to direct you to her video sex chat room, available with a paid membership. If you manage to ignore that, then you might even have the chance to find an adult friend eventually – but it’s not very likely. Pay to play, gents!

What I found to be lacking in taste was the rude tone of the website towards their freemium users. If passive interactions, such as liking a photo or sending an emoji wink, are made by an existing non-paying account, Adult Friend Finder goes to the point of mocking those that stay in freemium, by providing snarky guides on earning points for a one-month gold membership. I wouldn’t have minded this unless it was visible by the actual paying golden members, but dumping on people that may not be able to afford a premium membership? hookup near me Brantford Canada The sheer hubris!

Anyway, it’s possible you’ll have the patience to withstand the poking to get active on the site and be entertained for a while by the sexy emoji interaction with other subscribers.

However, I suppose you would lose patience and delete your account because you want a real hook up, not just a porn tease.

A fair warning: you will feel like you’re in a horror story when trying to cancel your membership on Adult Friend Finder. This is probably how they arrived at the ‘shocking’ number of users for their adult dating offers!

Is AFF Safe to Use?

Well, they are the leading dating web site by the number of occurrences of leaked personal data in the history of the Internet. If there was an award for Most Flawed Dating Site Security, Adult Friend Finder would be a serious competitor. In the span of three years, from 2013 to 2016, their members’ database was hacked twice, and the personal data of roughly 400 million users was publicly exposed. Many of the accounts were technically deleted by their subscribers, but the data stored on the website was not. This raises a number of questions about the trustworthiness of the statistics Adult Friend Finder shows when going public with the number of their members, and interactions among them.

Negligence or sloppiness is just too light to describe the responsiveness of a site that makes billions of dollars and doesn’t make any efforts to reach a decent level of cybersecurity for such a high number of personalized data traffic.

Since there’s no automated data deletion from their database, once a member has cancelled their membership, the info remains. Adult Friend Finder has put themselves in a situation that not only disrespects the privacy of their users, it shows complete disregard to their subscribers’ wishes.

There have been instances so severe that people have noticed fraudulent transactions on their accounts, even after having broken off their subscriptions to the AFF dating service. Despite these accounts, AFF act in quite the perplexing manner, seemingly careless with the way they treat their subscriber’s data. It wouldn’t be surprising if they are the ones that stay clutched to their user’s wallets even after having received an account canceling notification.

Final Words – is AFF Legit?

Adult Friend Finder is an entertaining site for anyone on the lookout for some free post-break up chatroom attention from strangers – or if you’re willing to spend money and risk data security then you might even see a paid model flash you a titty!


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