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Trying to Look Someone Up On Tinder? Use Location Settings to Restrict the Search Radius

Trying to Look Someone Up On Tinder? Use Location Settings to Restrict the Search Radius

Perhaps the person you want to search for on Tinder stays within an area in New York, and you can download a GPS location changer in the IOS store for iPhones and the Playstore for Android Mobile phones. You can use any of these GPS or location changers to set your location to the area you know the person stays. Doing this significantly improves your chances when you look people up on Tinder.

When you search for someone on Tinder, the algorithm shows only people who are close to your location in the search result. Therefore, if you change your location through a VPN changer to the area the person you are looking for stays, Tinder will match you with people who fit your desired description who are also close to you.

How to Search People on Tinder Using Their Username

If you know a person’s username, Tinder allows you to search for such a person. With the username, you do not need any other information like name or date of birth and address.

But how can I get the username of a Tinder user?

There is one strategy: Use equivalent usernames in other social media accounts. Most people are forgetful, so they love to use a singular username across all social media accounts; therefore, when you search for a Tinder user, you can always check the username the person used on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Please note that this method will only work if the person in question uses the same Username for their other social media accounts.

What Do I Do If I Find the Person I am Looking for on Tinder?

What you do when you find a person’s profile on Tinder entirely depends on the purpose of your search. If you find a friend you met some days ago at the airport, the only reasonable option is to contact the person. Contacting a profile on Tinder cannot be done unless you have a Tinder account. If you do not have Tinder, you can always sign up for a new account. Below are a few options for you when you find a person on Tinder.

Someone you are looking to reconnect with

In this case, you can reach out to the person. If they remember you and wish to reconnect, they swipe right, but there are innumerable times where people swipe left because they do not want to reconnect. If the person swipes right, then you can send them a message.

Catch a cheating spouse in the act

In this case, you can create a pseudo account and find out everything about your spouse’s Tinder life. You can easily guess if she is trying to hook up with another man from her profile description. Descriptions that include selling one’s best features and leaving the possibility of hooking up with the ‘man of my dreams’ show that your woman wants an intimate relationship with another person.

Using Non-Tinder Strategies to Find A Person

By Email: If you are trying to find out if your spouse, or a young adult child or anyone is on Tinder, you can get a confirmative answer using their email. Most people use the same email across multiple platforms. If you know the person’s email, try signing up to Tinder with the email. If the person you are searching for is already on Tinder, the app will give an error prompt, notifying you that the email is already registered on the platform. Armed with such information, you can begin a ruthless search for the person’s account on the platform. An important note: Some people use multiple email addresses, and you have to know each email and run the same ‘Sign Up’ test on all of them.


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